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One of the best ways to ‘Get Connected’ at The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Church is to jump in and get involved. The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Church exists as a local congregation to witness to the world the love of God as revealed in His Son Jesus Christ, our crucified, risen, exalted and soon-returning Savior and King. We seek to teach the Word of God and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Our goal is the shaping and equipping of our church family so that disciples will be nourished and empowered to fulfill their God-ordained purpose. As members of the church, our desire is to bring glory to God through our public and private lives. We do this    by rejoicing in Christ Jesus; increasing in the knowledge of God through the study and application of the scriptures; by growing in Godly character; by practicing Biblical fellowship; by serving one another with our spiritual gifts, our time and our money; by proclaiming the Gospel in the Santa Rosa area, and to the ends of the earth.


Sundays at 10 AM. Sunday school classes are available for all ages. Sunday School is a great interactive opportunity to learn and grow in God's Word. 


Women's Bible Study
ONE 80


Our vision for our One 80 is nothing less than reaching a new era with a never changing message about Jesus Christ. One 80 is designed to bring good, wholesome fun and entertainment for the whole family. In this highly energized environment, we take the opportunity to present God’s word through live music and drama.


Why One 80? It’s easy! For those who are looking for a change, it’s a place where Jesus Christ can meet with them and change their lives forever. In other words, life can take a 180-degree turn with one encounter with Jesus Christ. 


We will host live bands and drama theatre once a month. 



The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Church encourages its members to share the love of Jesus with the Santa Rosa community. Regardless of your interests, spiritual gifts, or talents, you can share what Jesus had done in your life. From door-to-door witnessing to street preaching, to concerts/dramas in the community, the Gospel truly gets out of the four walls of the church and meets real needs. 

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